Jessica Ye Trainor

Jessica is a writer and founder of several bilingual schools.  She graduated with BSMS in Math and Computer Science at New York University and a banker turned educator because of her own pair of mixed race kids. She is passionate about curriculum design, immersion learning experiences and education technology and innovation. She has been working on her own schools for 6 years, writing curriculums, parenting blogs and children’s stories. When she isn’t working, she spends time with her family, reading, watching Korean drama and taking Korean classes.


Liang Yanhua

Liang Yanhua is a preschool and primary school teacher with 15 years of experiences in teaching. She graduated from Beijing Normal University with a Master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature. In her spare time, she enjoys reading poetry, writing prose and playing Guzheng. She loves everything that is warm and beautiful, sunshine and flowers. She particularly loves working with children. She just had a new born baby, and is now focusing on writing stories about Maya and Hercules.

Hazel Diliziya

Hazel Diliziya graduated with a Master’s degree in Anthropology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Shanghai Jiaotong University. She has a keen sense for words and colors, and she finds her inspiration from her detailed observation of everyday life. In her spare time, she loves nature and outdoor sports, enjoys reading books and watching documentaries, and she loves working with children and animals.

Aude Brissonzel

Aude is a French Graphic designer and illustrator who graduated in Arts at Paris Sorbonne. Passionate about youth illustration since high school, she’s been collaborating with Swiss and French publishing houses for 6 years, illustrating for children’s book, games and other cute purposes. When she doesn’t draw, she eats chocolate cookies.

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