Chapter 03

English Version

Maya ran upstairs like the wind, with Hercules close after. His short legs were not very good on the stairs though, and he couldn’t keep up. Not wanting to be left behind, he hurriedly said “Ulala-wo!”, and he started floating. He caught up to a surprised Maya very quickly and she led him to her bedroom.

Chinese Basic Version

瑪雅「咚咚咚」地跑上樓, 黑可力跟在後面。

瑪雅先帶黑可力來到她的臥 室。臥室裏有大大的窗簾、粉紅 色的小床。

「啪」的一聲,瑪雅打開了 彩色的燈。它們會轉,還會唱歌。 「哇!你的臥室真漂亮!」


Chinese Advanced Version

瑪雅的腳下像生了風似的, 「咚咚咚」地跑上樓,黑可力跟 在後面。他的小短腿跑不了那麼 快,很快就落在後面了。他急了, 趕緊念了一句「烏拉拉—— 木!」,便懸浮起來,一下子就追上了瑪雅。

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